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Sincerely, God



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Ever feel like there's someone greater guiding the way? That someone, for me, is Jesus. He's not just a leader; He's the king of everything in my life. It's like having a constant source of wisdom and love, someone who knows me better than I know myself. When I let Him take the reins, everything just seems to fall into place. And I'm not alone in feeling this way. I believe you've felt His presence too.

So let's honor His kingship, spread His message of hope, and remember, with Jesus as our king, we're part of something truly extraordinary. Let's embrace His reign, share His love, because with Jesus leading the way, we find purpose, strength, and everlasting joy.

Why You'll Love This Piece:

  • Inspired Design: Crafted with love, our apparel features Josh's hand-drawn artwork, inspired by the unique contour of Erin's hand.
  • Symbol of Majesty: Each piece serves as a reminder of Jesus' kingship, empowering you to walk with confidence and purpose.
  • Spread Hope: By wearing this apparel, you share the message of Jesus' reign and inspire others to embrace His love and guidance.
  • Premium Quality: Made with care from high-quality materials, our apparel offers comfort, durability, and style.

Experience the majesty of Jesus' kingship and share it with the world. Order now and wear your faith proudly!

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  • 57% combed ring-spun cotton, 43% recycled polyester pre-shrunk fleece
  • Unisex sizing


  • Machine wash cold
  • Tumble dry
  • Do not bleach
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